GoFlo Seminar Cyprus 16/12/2018

The seminar held by BioZeus Fitness and Master Trainer Marios Strouthos at our gym. The next seminar will be announced soon

What is GOFLO ?

GOFLO® is a portable exercise tool that provides a super-effective workout while tightening the core more far effectively than any other suspension trainer.

GOFLO® science-based workout, will enhance your athletic performance, improve your strength, burn lots of calories and help you look and feel better.

How does it work ?

There are many varieties of training bands but none like GOFLO® Trainer.

The GOFLO TRAINER combines four strong springs, two comfortable strong harnesses, bungee straps, a pulley system and grip handles for your feet or hands all into one product.

Wrap the extender around a sturdy branch, or a tree outside, or through the gap of a closed door at home, and – the GOFLO® will provide an amazing workout.

Who can use it ?

It is great for individuals, groups, and circuit training. People of all fitness levels, all sizes, and all ages can use this piece of equipment.

It’s easy to adjust and it can be scaled up or down by manipulating the length of the suspension bands.

“All sports – whether it’s running, skiing, golf or lifting weights require a strong core”- UK master trainer Matt Gleed. GOFLO Trainer® is recommended for any athlete to help develop a strong core and balance.

What’s the hype ?

It’s portable. It’s simple. It’s comfortable. It’s different. Not only is it fun, but this science-based workout will bring you quick results.

There are multiple variations of basic exercises such as jump squats, jump push-ups, planks and suspension exercises to work through.

You can focus on your core strength, or put exercises together in a sequence with short breaks for more of a cardio workout.

How can someone bye GOFLO Trainer® Kit in Cyprus?

You can buy the Original GOFLO Trainer from BioZeus Fitness and also you can find it at BioFitness Club in Limassol. 

You can learn more information about this with a call at (+357) 25101757 or visit the E-Shop of BioZeus Fitness here