GoFlo Training combines four strong springs, two comfortable strong harnesses, bungee straps, a pulley system and grip handles for your feet or hands all into one product.

GoFlo is a super-effective workout, it will enhance your athletic performance, improve your strength, burn lots of calories and help you look and feel better.

This science-based workout will bring you quick results. There are multiple variations of basic exercises such as jump squats, jump push-ups, planks and suspension exercises to work through.

You can focus on your core strength, or put exercises together in a sequence with short breaks for more of a cardio workout.

People of all fitness levels, all sizes, and all ages can use this piece of equipment. It’s easy to adjust and it can be scaled up or down by manipulating the length of the suspension bands.

# GoFlo Training Sessions at BioFitness Club

Monday: 13.15 | 18.00
Tuesday: 19.00
Wednesday: 13.15 | 18.00
Thursday: 19.00
Friday: 13.15 | 18.00

GoFlo Training Sessions at BioFitness Club are Semi Personal, 6-8 person maximum.

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