Be inspired to start a new life with a non-traditional way of working out. In our fitness lab you will immediately feel like home and hopefully become a person who cares for your own body.

The biggest problem we noticed, that prevents people from going to a gym or a fitness studio, is the lack of consistency or heavy use of procrastination.

Do not wait for “someday” or “one day” to come, the time is now! We do what we do to improve people’s lives and we hope you will join our family very soon 🙂

At Biofitness we have a mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible, that’s it. We always come up with ways to encourage healthy living and promote a fitness based lifestyle. Raising your confidence is a must and a healthier looking body will help. Trust our experienced trainers and claim your life back!

Biofitness Club started with the idea of mixing fitness with biology in order to have better results and also to have better data on your health and body in order to personalize our training to your needs. We understand the sacrifice it takes, changing your daily habits is challenging but we are here to assist everyone! Just drop by for your free class to have a taste of what we do.

Our experienced trainers will not only help but will hold your hand in order to achieve your goals faster but most importantly to be healthy in the process.

Next Steps…

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